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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What types of project does KazooSoft deliver?

We have been responsible for anything Digital. From the design and wireframing of a website or application to the full implementation of a Magento Ecommerce store or Bespoke website. If you have a project why not ask us, if its not in our skill set we will openly recommend.

Where do your servers reside?

Without giving too much away to the secret location of our data centre. All of our physical servers are located in a DC just north of London, England. We do from time to time have the requirement to use Cloud Computing and always use Google Cloud for this.

What are your minimum hosting terms?

We host serious websites for serious people. For that reason we stipulate a minimum 12 month contract, if your serious about your online presence and hosting then it should be treated like any other part of your company. Investment equals return.

How to you compare to my friend Bob's hosting?

We have many years of experience optimising servers and running high performance high traffic web-servers. Every package is different and we are not like other companiues who bulk sell packages off the shelf. We tailor to your needs. The cost of our servers includes managed hosting. We monitor and maintain your services 24 hours a day. We are strong believers in “You get what you pay for”

My site is down! - Help!

If you host with KazooSoft for your high performance hosting and your website go’s offline. The likelihood is we already know about it and we are already working on it. If its a service issue you will be notified and we will remedy it. We can not be responsible however for software level support unless prior agreement and support there. For more information please check out our Support Packages

Do you offer finders fees?

We do indeed! We are a fair company, if you refer a project and it lands on our desk we will give you a finders fee. The new client will be made aware of this also, whether its for hosting, development or support.

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