Its been a MISTY few weeks…

MISTY it has been, thats because we have been working on our latest project and product, MIST.Technology. Mist is a all in one solution for Education and Private Companies to offer Remote Support for all of your desktops within your organisation for an incredible price. The project started a long time ago and has now been merged into one solution which we are hoping to start selling very soon.

MIST comes in 5 parts:

  • MIST.Archive
  • MIST.Announce
  • MIST.Feedback
  • MIST.Monitor
  • MIST.Remote

Each with their own special selling points lets run through these and see what they will offer for your organisation.


Quite simply put, MIST Remote is one of the easiest to deploy, full-proof and cost effective remote support tool for your whole organisation.

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