We’ve published our first mobile game!

Long, long ago in a far away land stood an impregnable castle. That castle was the key to unifying the people of the land. Warlords near and far sought to take it for themselves. Today, the castle will come under attack again, can you defend the castle it?!

Finally, a dream come true! For years we’ve been avid gamers. Some of our earliest memories are sat in front of a CRT playing Super Mario 64 trying to get all 120 stars. It’s these memories that inspired us to download and learn the unity engine.

We spent a long time coming to grips with the engine as it’s unlike anything we’ve used before. Yes we can handle the programming side of it (using C++ rather than Javascript thank you very much!), but what on earth is a rigidbody or a box colider?! Luckily the unity documentation and support is vast and very helpful. We’ve come a long way from making static HTML web pages.

Just like any new project we went at it with ferocity and passion, and you can tell that from playing the game. Check out Monster Defence for yourself on the Apple or Google store.

Monster defence